Wednesday, 26 October 2016



We are nowhere men and women in no man's land. The truth is not in the secret language of legalese , not in the media or blowing in the polluted breeze. It's not in the House of Commons or La di dah Lords, nor in our faked economy or Toy Town currency, nor rocking on the nine o’clock, ten o’clock, 12 o’clock news. It's nothing you can bank on or hold in trust; it's nothing you can invest in or hedge your bets in; it's nothing man made in a ‘ Marmalade sky ’; it's not in the
Transatlantic Agreement or on the X Factor or Eurovision . The truth is not in the fridge with your six pack of Larger or in your rocket fuelled fags. The truth is not a TV licence, a Dog licence or any kind of licence; it's not in proper grammar or
texting scripts, it's not in uncreative and unquestioning curriculums. It's not in a name or a role or a status. It's not in a poem published by Pelican or a novel that abides by outdated rules. The truth is inside you you knew it all along but got distracted by all of the above…

Text by Trev Teasdel

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