Sunday, 13 March 2016

Culture Fuzion - Poems and Trance Music - Jim Pryal and Trev Teasdel

Culture Fuzion

Culture Fuzion was a collaboration between long-standing Coventry drummer / producer Jim Pryal and Coventry lyricist / performance poet Trev Teasdel c 2007

Jim has been in many Coventry bands since the 60's including  Wandering John, Hot Snacks (Coventry Ska Band - replacing former Specials drummer Silverton), Roddy Radiation 's band, Just Before Dawn, Stiletto and many more. More recently he has worked on producing various musical projects involving Trance and electronic music. This collaboration saw Jim building exciting musical tracks around 3 performance poems by Trev Teasdel (me) involving his music and my voice and words. These can be found on My Space - Culture Fuzion HERE -

There are three tracks on here : - 

  • Melissa's Garden
  • Stereophonic London
  • Nightfall in Sorrento
Lyrics below - 

Trev Teasdel Aug 1998,

Tiger eyes that mesmerise
The Fireflies of her thighs.
Misty sighs - sensitise
Alcamize love's butterflies.

(Chorus I)
Come on down to Melissa's Garden
Love and light down in the garden.
In the garden, love is growing,
She leads the way by the seeds she's sowing.

She's an archimage from another age
Runic spells fly off her page
Come to free us from our maze,
And open up the celestial age.

You won't believe what you see
When you see the way Melissa sees.

The world you see is on an odyssey
Through policy and prophecy
In the embassy of fantasy
You can peek her pantisocracy.

Chorus 2
Come on down to Melissa's Garden
Love is flowing in the garden
In the garden lights are glowing
She shows the way with her deeper knowing.

So leap-frog with the underdog
And liven up those sand-hogs
In a deep clog there's a hang-dog
In dialogue with a pedagogue.

Moonbeams on the millstream
Reflect upon the big screen.
There's a sunbeam in the airstream
Shining on our new dreams.


Trev Teasdel 2006

Sleazy inner city sounds
Skateboarding compounds with stereo surrounds
Swishbar stances - gravitating gangsters
Sidewinder glances.

Razorlight floodgates
Redlight night flights
Tempting the Thames to take off its shawl
For the urban sprawl.

 Budvar rattlesnakes
A screech of brakes in the circle of spheres
Where the past appears
In the passion plays of parliament
Where the harlots are bent to pay the rent
Their rosebud lips, their tight-rope slips
Their clips and bits
the phallacies of policies
but money never grows on trees.

 Cos The world’s in a mess
The truth’s been undressed
Has a lie to confess
But were walking the dog back to happiness.

 It’s an absurd world where the third world
Have no food in the larder
It gets harder and harder
While the groove armada
Play the music harder
Keep it solid but the world is squalid

They sell the world with sex
Free air time and texts
So politically correct
Paranoid and indirect
Their bad decisions
tunnel visions - revisions and isms
Did they plan it to be off the planet?

 But we’re walking the dog back to happiness
There’s a lie to confess, the truth to undress
This world’s in a mess, uptight with the stress.

Cheapdate bed-ins & Hotsnake weddings
Women seeking women in the cocktail inns
We are sat by the fire in the house of desire
Ignoring the Karma and the claims of Nirvana

 Wide-eyed promoters sat on a lotus
Under the spell of San Miguel
The filament looters on fly-by scooters
Seek the meaning of life in their gel
Reality bites
On midwinter nights
Chill out
And go with the flow.

 Cause we have to confess, the worlds in a mess
We’re walking the dog back to happiness
There’s a lie to digest and all the rest
We’re walking the dog back to happiness.


Trev Teasdel 2006

Sorrento -
The Communion of the urban puzzle
Where elegance is attitude
The fashion club of the urban groove
Eco-driven citizens

In slender tones of mobile silence
Nocturnal spiders in basement bars
Live the lust of the selfish gene

In Sorrento 

Spin doctored money blenders with hidden agendas
Crammed with fruit in the cave of clones
Lie low in Sorrento

In the wah wah cadence of Sorrento radiance,
Re-mortgaged estate agents with Vintage Bentleys
Sway in the breeze to nightfall’s synthful sassy jazz

Glow worm leprechauns in dust-down denim delights
Ageless and jazz-hot; hide behind enemy-lines

In Sorrento

Nightfall in sorrento
The civil disobedience of a New Era
The world in one city, refuelled and air-cooled.
Adidas Pre-Raphaelites on a Full English cutting edge
Predicting a riot in the chic chill-out of a power-pop city

The Revlon Accurist with pipe smoking planes
In his own back yard
Sails his skintight riverboat in the shimmering waters 
of Sorrento 

Escaping the chaos of a goose-pimpled Colditz
With his third wife escape plan
from the regional assembly of the Canterbury Tales
Lost in Sorrento 

Midsummer night dreamtime
Astro-bars in Sorrento
Robert Frost fashion brands
Follow the universe less travelled by

He was a trainee with a code name
Sleeping with the saints in Sorrento
Dark textured with age defining make-up
The full glamour and scandal on DVD

Eagerly awaited - 
The king of contenders
Hot toasted and out to sea on another public art project
Dizzy in the city with Calvin Klein moth repellent
Paying lip service to high drama
In the urban puzzle

She’s like art in unexpected places
Soft spoken
Sky diving
Sexy, suave
Stealing the show

On the soft silken routes of Sorrento