Thursday, 2 August 2018

Nightfall in Sorrento - Trev Teasdel

Nightfall in Sorrento
By Trev Teasdel

First published in 2007 by Glass Orange Publications as a physical poetry book, containing most of the performance poems written for and performed at The Writers' Cafe gigs in Stockton Tees and elsewhere.

This is a fully revised digital version produced in 2018 with

new additional material and links to the various musical collaborations of the poems, including trance tracks by Culture Fuzion ie Jim Pryal and Trev Teasdel and The Nerve.

Jim Pryal is a longstanding Coventry drummer and Music Producer who has played in many Coventry bands including Ska band Hot Snacks, Blues band Wandering John and Roddy Radiation's Bonediggers.

Jim created the music for those tracks with my voice and extracts from some of the poems in the book.

The Nerve was a Tyneside band who created a trance Track around my poem Down Our Street.

To read Nightfall in Sorrento, scroll down on the viewer or click the arrow screen right to view on Google Drive where you can also download it by clicking on the arrow at the top of the viewer.

Nightfall in Sorrento - Culture Fuzion - Jim Pryal - Music - Lyrics (in the book) - Trev Teasdel.

Melissa's Garden Culture Fuzion - Jim Pryal - Music - Lyrics - Trev Teasdel.

Stereophonic London - Version 1 Culture Fuzion (Full poem in the book).

Stereophonic London bhangra version - Culture Fuzion.

Hey Up What's the Crack - Ranting poem and guitar by Trev Teasdel

Down Our Street - The Nerve featuring Trev Teasdel

Dance and R & B (The Surround Sound) - Two versions - one with Jim Pryal of Culture Fuzion and one with backing from Wandering John - Coventry blues / rock band).

Glass Orange - with Jim Pryal and Ann Wainwright (Recorder)

The Escaped Poet - Trev Teasdel

The Escaped Poet was the first poetry chapbook I produced, published by The Poetic Licence Collective 1984. 

It was indeed an escape from academia after finishing my degree on Teesside in 1983. 

Escaped Poet was a mix of lyrics, poems, stories and graphics written between 1969 and 1983 and some which I wrote for the book itself. 

Some of the poems have been published in Small Press magazines or used in performance Ann Wainwright, editor of Poetic Licence promoted the book in her small press digesters and it received, at the time, a number of favourable reviews. 

It was revised several times in the early 1980's and this is the first digitally issue produced in 2018, maintaining as much of the original layout as possible but pages have been revised for clarity and I have adding more material make here and there. The title of the book came from a poster on my wall as shown above!

Note To read The Escaped Poet - scroll down the viewer or click the arrow screen right in the viewer and when it opens in a new window you can download it from Google Drive by clicking the arrow at the top of the window.

Review of The Escaped Poet in Poetry of Love 1984