Thursday 7 November 2019

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Welcome to the Poet Reprobate Website!

Trev Teasdel has been a longstanding creative catalyst, creative writing tutor, arts and educational development worker, lyricist, songwriter and performing poet.
  • Above you will find links to other sites I run.
  • On this page, a little bit about me, and alink to my free poetry / flashing fiction ebooks on the Issuu platform.These are in the form of flipbooks - easy to view and flip  like a real book.
  • On this page a sample of the performance poetry - Hey Up What's the Crack! - the words and a vid of the ranting poem with guitar.
  • Below this page - my 7 ebooks (more to come including my Selected lyrics "Electra's Boudoir." This are previews of the PDF's version stored on Google Drive.You can click back to read them full size.
  • Below the books,some samples of the works with audio versions.

He is a poetry gangsta
Shooting words from the hip
Spouting wine, sending words to sip
He’s got a pen
Inked and loaded
Goaded by Trump
And other misguided
Missiles, he’s riled
Anger undisguised
Its his posse style.

Sarah Boon - Radio Stockton Presenter.

"My friend, Trev Teasdel, has published these freebie ebooks of his totally unique musings and dada surrealist observations and pithy stream of consciousness. There is often a grain of something profound that resonates. He's a word-juggler, a verb prancer and a conjurer of imagery that makes you frequently smile or even laugh out loud. Some of his work reminds me of the kind of things Bob Dylan wrote on the back of his early albums, or John Lennon's 'In his own write' type of style. He's giving it away. Take it baby, take a little piece of his art." 

Al  Sav  (Poet, Songwriter and  leader of the 80's Indie band The Flaming Mussolinis

Trev is available for poetry performance gigs - sample of work here - 
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About the books.

These books contain dynamic flashing fictions, word-streams, images, instant stories, poems and imaginative introductions to youtube videos and photographs posted on my Facebook and other blogs, between 2008 - 2015. They range from the wildly surreal, imagistic, offbeat, autobiographical, erotic, political, social, witty, humorous and mystical and some of my photographs / photomontages. I have likened these diverse pieces to holograms coming through a lilac canopy! You might even guess some of the songs that inspired them! Some of the wilder pieces may be NSFW (Not suitable for work!”).

Trev Teasdel - A Short Autobiology!

Trev was born in a rush of wind in 1951, down home Coventry,
much to the surprise of the Countess Godiva and her horsemen. Here he etched his early song lyrics, wrote 'A Lotta Rain is Fallin' with Pete Waterman, ran Hobo, Coventry Music and Arts Magazine and the Hobo Workshop where the early Two Tone started in the basement below. In 1980, he came to Teesside to do a degree in the Humiliations and passed with honours - on through the Management Committee of Community Arts Middlesbrough, Teesside Writers' Workshop and the New Poetry Scene. He was performance poet turned co-editor of Voice of the North, co-founder of Outlet and the Write Around Festival, The Writers' Cafe gigs at ARC in Stockton and Georgian Theatre. Along the way, he published The Escaped Poet, Poet Reprobate, Nightfall in Sorrento - anthologies of his poems and a Gnome Label album of his songs Songs From the Coventry Underground 2007. He won the Northern
Voices Poetry Award 2010, pictured >
here and awarded by poet Keith Armstrong, for his work in developing the Teesside poetry scene in the 1980's and beyond.

This is the hub for the poetry / lyrics / stories and flashing fictions of  Trev Teasdel and all poetical work is copyright.

Trev's work, in addition to the PDF versions on this site, are also available in flipbook form on Issuu - click the link and then click on a book to view. Some of the books on Issuu are embedded here but for the latest ones you need to click here as Issuu have changed things around or view the PDF versions when you scroll down this site! Books not on the Issuu preview here are The Lost Scrolls of the Apekalypse / Born in Atlantis / A Cheap Novel in a Backstreet Charity Shop. Click here for them. 

Trev's Poetry / Flash Fiction /Poetry ebooks available
Nightfall in Sorrento published first in 2007 as a chapbook
Escaped Poet - 1984 (Trev's first printed chap book published by The Poetic Licence Collective)
Holograms From the Lilac Canopy - 2015
Picasso's Secret Cafe and The Planet of Debt. - 2016
The Lost Scrolls of the Apekalypse - 2017
Born in Atlantis - 2018
A Cheap Novel in a Backstreet Charity Shop - 2019
Books forthcoming - 
Electra's Boudoir - Trev's Selected poetic song lyrics - 1968 - 2018
Poet Reprobate - Trev's second printed chap book first published in 1985 by The Poetic Licence Collective - currently being revised and updated.

Dirty Stop Outs Of Coventry - 1970's and 1980's Ruth Cherrington 
Trev and much of his Coventry music scene archives are also featured in two recent publications about the Coventry music scene in the 1970's and 80s - Dirty Stop Outs - Coventry in the 1970's and the follow up in the 1980's - 


This is available on Amazon £13.95 Here 

And the 1980's one Here

And more...!

Trev's Songs From the Coventry Underground - Broadgate
Gnome label published 2007 - about to be revised, added to and re-released I think by Gnome.

Scroll down the other pages on this site for the PDF (bigger versions of the books and samples with video /Audio.

Nightfall in Sorrento, published in 2007, contain Trev's performance poems will be viewable on here or as a Flip Book on Issuu below. You can download a PDF version by logging in or creating an account with the Issuu Publishing Platform this is on.

Holograms from the Lilac Canopy This a more recent book - again the flashing fictions and poems will be illustrated on this blog - but also viewable as a Flip book here via Issuu.
Picasso's Secret Cafe and the Planet of Debt The latest book on Issuu - the note above applies to this Flip Book.

The Escaped Poet My first book produced in 1985, published by the Poetic Licence Collective.

Nightfall in Sorrento - Trev Teasdel

Nightfall in Sorrento
By Trev Teasdel

First published in 2007 by Glass Orange Publications as a physical poetry book, containing most of the performance poems written for and performed at The Writers' Cafe gigs in Stockton Tees and elsewhere.

This is a fully revised digital version produced in 2018 with

new additional material and links to the various musical collaborations of the poems, including trance tracks by Culture Fuzion ie Jim Pryal and Trev Teasdel and The Nerve.

Jim Pryal is a longstanding Coventry drummer and Music Producer who has played in many Coventry bands including Ska band Hot Snacks, Blues band Wandering John and Roddy Radiation's Bonediggers.

Jim created the music for those tracks with my voice and extracts from some of the poems in the book.

The Nerve was a Tyneside band who created a trance Track around my poem Down Our Street.

To read Nightfall in Sorrento, scroll down on the viewer or click the arrow screen right to view on Google Drive where you can also download it by clicking on the arrow at the top of the viewer.

Nightfall in Sorrento - Culture Fuzion - Jim Pryal - Music - Lyrics (in the book) - Trev Teasdel.

Melissa's Garden Culture Fuzion - Jim Pryal - Music - Lyrics - Trev Teasdel.

Stereophonic London - Version 1 Culture Fuzion (Full poem in the book).

Stereophonic London bhangra version - Culture Fuzion.

Hey Up What's the Crack - Ranting poem and guitar by Trev Teasdel

Down Our Street - The Nerve featuring Trev Teasdel

Dance and R & B (The Surround Sound) - Two versions - one with Jim Pryal of Culture Fuzion and one with backing from Wandering John - Coventry blues / rock band).

Glass Orange - with Jim Pryal and Ann Wainwright (Recorder)

Holograms from the Lilac Canopy

Holograms from the Lilac Canopy
By Trev Teasdel

First published in 2015 revised 2018 with new layout and additional material.more info to come to this page.

View or download via Google Docs - Click on arrow to expand view.

OFF THE RAILS by Trev Teasdel

This is the 6th pdf booklet I've produced with material mainly written on Facebook to or inspired by photos, music videos. This collections, with some earlier exceptions, were written mainly between 2018 and 2019.

Friday 18 January 2019

Born in Atlantis

Newest ebook out by Trev Teasdel - Born in Atlantis 2019. Featuring poetic flashing fictions,poems and stories by Trev Teasdel. You can read it in the window below or click through to Google drive and download the PDF version free.

Wednesday 26 December 2018

The Lost Scrolls of the Apecklypse

The Lost Scrolls of the Apeckalypse
by Trev Teasdel

First published 2017, revised 2018. View via Google Drive.Click the arrow to enlarge and download.

Picasso's Secret Cafe and The Planet of Debt

Picasso's Secret Cafe and the Planet of Debt
By Trev Teasdel

First published 2016 and revised 2018.

View via Google Drive - click arrow to expand and download

Thursday 2 August 2018

The Escaped Poet - Trev Teasdel

The Escaped Poet was the first poetry chapbook I produced, published by The Poetic Licence Collective 1984. 

It was indeed an escape from academia after finishing my degree on Teesside in 1983. 

Escaped Poet was a mix of lyrics, poems, stories and graphics written between 1969 and 1983 and some which I wrote for the book itself. 

Some of the poems have been published in Small Press magazines or used in performance Ann Wainwright, editor of Poetic Licence promoted the book in her small press digesters and it received, at the time, a number of favourable reviews. 

It was revised several times in the early 1980's and this is the first digitally issue produced in 2018, maintaining as much of the original layout as possible but pages have been revised for clarity and I have adding more material make here and there. The title of the book came from a poster on my wall as shown above!

Note To read The Escaped Poet - scroll down the viewer or click the arrow screen right in the viewer and when it opens in a new window you can download it from Google Drive by clicking the arrow at the top of the window.

Review of The Escaped Poet in Poetry of Love 1984

Thursday 24 November 2016

Hey Up What's the Crack


There's ghost inertia on the fringe of passion
The Art of Martial sex is well in fashion
Through Venetian specs with special effects
You get sex by text - whatever next!
Hey up! What's the Crack? Alack alack
What's the Crack?
Humanoids on a downward track.

Trainspotting clones called Smith and Jones
Bug your deepest thoughts via mobile phones
Put credit-debtors in French-letters
with horse betters and ant petters
Hey up! What's the Crack? Alack alack
What's the Crack?
Humanoids on a downtown track.

The Goat-farmer from Kathmandu
Is wise to your Karma and illusion of you.
This material world for those who fail
To see the light in this urbanic trail.
Hey up! What's the Crack? Alack alack
What's the Crack?
Humanoids clickety clack a downward track.

There's a carboot sale on a virtual beach
with a plastic snail and a slice of quiche
and a shopping mall for personality
This banality's free on Reality TV
Hey up! What's the Crack? Alack alack
What's the Crack?
Humanoids slide down the chimney stack.

You get post-grad cash-back
For shagging in the love-shack
A 6-pack, fast-track; 0% APR, the money goes far
A free toy car, so there you are!
Hey up! What's the Crack? Alack alack
What's the Crack?
Humanoids caught on a salesman's camera trap.

Give me Caffrey's, give me wine
This Circe society has turned you to swine.
In this fiscal boom, you are what you consume
A two-timed dildo under a lover's moon.
Hey up! What's the Crack? Alack alack
What's the Crack?
Humanoids slide down the snakes and adders track.

It's true, it's true, life is a Vindaloo
Hot with passion, too highly spiced for you
Slow down, slow down, examine your vision
Your life is a bank
Instant credit, instant decision
Hey up! What's the Crack? Alack alack
What's the Crack?
Humanoids on a downward track.

By Trev Teasdel August 2006


Words and music by Trev Teasdel. - 
I was born to be wild, a wild thing running free, a bowler-hatted Steppenwolf on the steep Steppes of Santa-Anyplace. I rode a six string saxophone with a left-field pickup truck, swinging in the trees and looking to get lucky. A power-chord primate with intuitive ignition, I radioed my intentions intensely. I was Lay Lady Lay in a lay-by near Las Lascivious fretting over her laid-back arpeggios. Nothing makes sense in a wild town, you have invent all your own meanings and feed them back down, town to town. I wasn't born to be understood, I peeled the fruit of life on the run. Outside Sacramento we were Monkey Magnifico, our amps ran off with the lost chord of the planet and the audience were torn between ovation and disgust. Well that's rock n roll for ya!!

Some more on Keith Armstrong's Poetry Tyneside - Teesside Dynomo

Last Sundays performance,opening for the very first Cutty Bang Cabaret show at the Music Lounge, Stockton on Tees. Most of the 20min set (15 mins) was caught on camera by Comicus Organicus. Featuring Nightfall in Sorrento, Hey Up What's the Crack, The Hypocratic Oath, Joe Toe Rag, Summer Nights - Bourbon Barbecue, Strip Jack Naked, The Stocking Exchange, Down Our Street, Dance and R & B (The Surround Sound), We Talked for Ages.


A NEW BOOK OUT - DIRTY STOP OUTS - COVENTRY IN THE 1970'SFeatures photos and memories that I have contributed via my former Coventry Music and Arts Magazine Hobo, originally published in 1973 - 75 but which is now a major online archive site for Coventry Music - linked above.The book, authored by Ruth Cherrington and published and edited by Neil Anderson of ACM Retro, is, for anyone interested, available from Waterstones and HMV in Coventry and on Amazon UK here 

"We made trunk calls under the Elephant post, bought platform tickets for our platform heels, flared our jeans for the patchwork pubs, went Loco in the Locarno, lurched outside the Lanch, queuing for tickets for T. Rex, gold blend beer in the Golden Cross, diving down the 'Dive bar, hippies, punks and bikers, silken memories of disco dancing, a wedge of memories in a radical bookshop, Two Tone chipshop or Mouldy Old Dough, last bus home or stopping out late, boom town, ghost town, Hilltop lovers with cobblestone lives, E type memories and Sunbeam smiles, we assembled the music, tuned our engines and stepped out in top gear." Trev Teasdel

The book on the shelves of HMV Coventry

One of the pages featuring Hobo Magazine