Monday, 14 March 2016

Down Our Street - Trev Teasdel and the Nerve

This collaboration was set up by Steve Thompson (Songwriter and Community Media Manager) in 2006 online. Tyneside band The Nerve, known for their humour / satire, punk / Lou Reed style branched out in to Trance for this number, taking a lyric / poem I'd written and put it to music. As with the Jim Pryal collaborations, the video doesn;t feature the complete lyric / poem which is placed below, but was fun to do.

This piece combines trance, sound effects, poem and a playlet - the two protagonists have a 'domestic' over Shepard's Pie in the background! Featuturing Una Luna on backing vocals and playlet.Enjoy!

(c) Craney, Teasdel and Thompson.

by Trev Teasdel 2006

Down our street the men bugger off
Leave the kids in the trough.
So the wives sleep around
With everyone in town
So now they’re all related
To people that they hated
Things are really neat
Down our Street.

Down our street
The neighbourhood watch is always alert,
Reporting crimes and digging up dirt.
And the gossips write a novel
About each and every hovel
And their kids have shady eyes
Even the police are streetwise to their lies
And the Sheep Don’t bleat
Down our Street.

Down our Street
They’ll scratch your car and steal your fence
Then have the gall to ask for 50 pence.
Their garden hops never stop
With invisible cloaks to fool the cops
They say they’ve got nowt to do
Smoking ganga up a chimney flue
They never miss a beat
Down our street.

Down our Street
The men are doing up old bangers
Their garages look like airplane hangers
They are black with oil and stink of toil
And the engines never seem to go
They’d be better off with a boat to row
You need a licence for your feet
Down Our Street.

Down our street
The council are never seen
If they lived here they’d go green
If you complain they don’t know what you mean
They spend all the money on Bell Air Green
The council say it’s not their scene
Acknowledging this estate will spoil their dream
We’re chaff and they’re wheat
Down our street.

Down our Street
It’s a crop circle situation
People don’t want this aggravation
But they start up hostilities
If you suggest giving the kids facilities
The council are no hoper's
They won’t confront the contradictions of their voters
Absurdity can’t be beat
Down our Street.