Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Strip Jack Naked

Strip Jack Naked

I was born to the game, a pack of snap, strip Jack naked, rolling poker, cheating solitaire son of a lying politician. I was a winning hand on a losing streak with all my aces in a stack; I was King and Queen and a happy Jack with all the Daniels I could drink. I was flush with a hand in the bush. Got a deck diamonds in the house of clubs, bluffed my way in Blackjack alley, spun the wheels in Casino Valley, I wore a Casquette, playing Roulette, picked up a winning bet, took her home in a gold Corvette. She looked so cool lying on my bed, until I noticed she had a Radiohead......
Text by Trev Teasdel

Listen to on this video

Or listen to it here on Stockton Digital Village

Graphic designed for the poem by Middlesbrough artist Adrian Moule.

The House of Cards - Radiohead

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