Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Judy, Jane and Rudy

Judy, Jane and Rudy 

(A satire)

I was doing Judy, Jane and Rudy,
Suzie Quesie, I wasn't choosy.

Bernese, Felice and Annalise
while up to my neck in axle grease.

I went down on Joanna while playing piano
June was lovin' it until I dropped my spanner.
Sandy got randy but Mandy was handy
and Haley drove me back to her manor.

Those were the days
I was in four plays
The roles got mixed
but I never got fazed

I sat on the settee making love to Betty
We did it all weekend, it was pretty sweaty.
Wasn't it Louise who begged me please
And Jo-lean who loved to do striptease.

I was working hard and playing around
I soft shuffled Mary in the lost and found
I boogied Melissa but forgot to kiss her
and made off with her best friend Alisha.

I was in demand and well sought after
I left them well parked with plenty of laughter.
I was chased down the alley by a friend of Cally
I had so many I guess I lost the tally.

Poem Trev Teasdel

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