Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Stocking Exchange

The Stocking Exchange

They say it's shocking this Stocking Exchange, this footsie, tootsie, don't hedge your bets; this rising economics, these wild invested indices, close up and intimate, these faked off fallacies, tightknit, fish boat, fishnet fantasies. Don't rock the Dow Jones touch phone telluphonic telepathies. It's all in the locking, sensuous and shocking, rock, frock and stocking, click, clack and clocking, all in the moment, all in the breath, soul in seasoned soul. Money can't buy it, they dare you to try it, climb it and fly it, flip it and fry it, it's simply shocking this state of the stocking…
Text by Trev Teasdel

Listen to it here on the Stockton Digital Village podcast

Graphic specially created by Middlesbrough artist Adrian Moule.

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