Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wild Days

Wild Days

Those wild days of youth, those long haired days, those days of dreams, and ideals of youth, those days of longing and exploring, those days of creativity and cooperation, of wanting love but wanting freedom, not wanting to be tied down but wanting to give love and receive love, those days of paradox and clarity, those days of soul and frugality, those days of doubt and confidence - You said "You spread yourself too thin - you give of yourself to everyone" - you read my stars from a well-thumbed book, I was the Waterbearer Wanderer so hard to harness, I was Facebook before Facebook, sharing my thoughts in a communal book, passed around person to person, full of poems and quotes, sketches and lyrics and random thoughts. I strummed for you in Patchouli oil candle light, dreamed of you in the inky clouds of dawn. Our souls touched, stretched out like fireside Cats, shy and bold both at the same time. It was 'Tea for the Tillerman', 'Teaser and the Firecat', we dreamed the world better than it could ever be. I loved you, I loved all who came near, love was never possessive, never a commodity sold by tradition; there was work to be done but not that for money but for the betterment of a revolving world taxiing the sun. How did I tell you? - in a poem, in a song, in a long long look or in a meaningful silence. Love isn't possession - it's a moving in the same direction soul in soul. Free and entwined, wave and particle simultaneously...Those days, those days ..both long ago and near are feather-light..float once more with just the sound of an old but familiar song......

Text by Trev Teasdel

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