Wednesday, 26 October 2016

You Gotta be Kidding

"You gotta be kidding" said Billy, on the revolving stage."If there ain't no heaven, how will you find the door?" Pat Garrett thought for a minute and said "The door is inside you, no one thinks to look there! You know it, only you don't trust yourself to know it!". Billy and Pat put down their guns "we don't need this stuff " they said simultaneously. They embraced each other like lovers in a whirlwind. "You play bass", said Pat, "I'll sing harmony". Pat's horse pulled up a chair "This I've got to see", it said to the other mare. Pat was clean out of plugs but they put on a show nonetheless. Just then Bob Dylan walked in trying on voices he hadn't used before. "It starts with a G chord" he said "and a silent trumpet". Well the cameras started to roll, roll right on down the street and I managed to capture this on my phone in the photo booth in Asda and it sounds pretty damn fine to me.

Text by Trev Teasdel

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