Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Prelude for Samantha Sung

A Prelude for Samantha Sung
Motorola thought he was smart, he bit his lip on his bluetooth and checked into Earth to see what all the tweets were about. Samantha Sung from Galaxy 7 took off her bra and took a selfie - "it's got good pixels" she said. Motorola gave her a high 5 and invited her down to his air raid shelter. "Earth is a crazy particle, I don't know why we come here" texted Motorola "humans think they are smart but they know jack shit!" Samantha knew Jack Shit alright and he lived up to his name - "I don't talk about him" she said wearily and made her way on the 9 o'clock simulator to Motorola's air raid shelter. Motorola poured her a glass of his homemade wine "made from fresh raw plugs and pressed plums" he bragged. Samantha blew kisses at her online spies and lay on the couch with Motorola. "Let's make conversation" suggested Samantha "we don't do that much now we're on Earth!". Motorola was recharging his brain, but promised to surprise her with an outrageous premise. Samantha was tuning her wifi and looked excited. Outside, the monsoon was raging and it was hard to imagine that matter was just an illusion. "What if the universe was just an infinite XBox game?" enthused Motorola but Samantha had fallen asleep. Motorola was not amused to learn that his intelligence was artificial "intelligence is just intelligence" he'd say. The world media came across as background static, full of sparks and clicks, a paradox of parallel waves, a spilling out of lava. Samantha woke up and demanded to be made love to, but Jack Shit was standing outside the air raid shelter; he didn't look amused. "Come in, have some wine" offered Motorola. Samantha covered herself over in newspapers "you don't take a hint, huh!" she said controlling her temper. Jack was tired of being a shit and did his best to apologise. "Well maybe there's hope for humanity after all" said Motorola "but I doubt it!". When Samantha got dressed and left with Jack Shit, Motorola wasn't surprised. Soon he would be reprogrammed and given another name. The world would always be an enigma while people looked inwards at their petty squabbles rather than outward to the crinkle cut universe, but that's just how the author wrote it!

Text by Trev Teasdel

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