Wednesday, 26 October 2016



Dussel-Dwarf lived in a tree tap, water flap, slapback convertible with a stardust mind and water whirl consciousness. The monolithic coalescing, concubining cold world of the infra-mortals was a mere potato peeling to him as he appeared and disappeared into and out of a tiny door in the treetap. The treetap was linked to the pistons of the hyper-surreal universe to which Dussel-Dwarf was born. Dussel-Dwarf was an elevator of micro-concerns that would baffle the most book-baffled of the mortal world. "Ah meaning!" wittered Dussel-Dwarf "what can it mean!" "Many of us are far too mean" thought Dussel-Dwarf, who slammed the door of his treetap. His pen was a font of wisdom as he etched his thoughts in kalligraphos and drew a map to his micro world. Inside the treetap was a huge tapestry with huge organ pipes of golden water. The pistons of the universe were pumping fast through the waterfalls of wellington wisdom. The slush-puddle approach of the mortal world was about to get a new cognition. Dussel-Dwarf was tapping into something numinous and all consciousness was about to evolve and expand. This might just be a little story but somewhere hidden in a wood, is a treetap with a little leafen door - it's where I live on the moon-shift! Don't turn on the tap if you believe all you're taught!

Text by Trev Teasdel

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