Wednesday, 26 October 2016

I was born in a Joni Mitchell song!

I was born in a Joni Mitchell song  -  
more of a subtext that a lyrical alliterative line; more of an inference; more of a nuance; a dance between breaths; in an octave shift from bridge to chorus. I was the note she couldn't quite reach; the thought that was hard to express in a concrete image but that lingered there, somewhere, in the rising harmonies. I was never part of the arrangement; hovering around the edge; evading the conclusions; weighing up the implications; skirting around the issues; looking for something more. I was the mud bath at Woodstock clinging to flesh with a new found earthiness; the integrity of evolution, serious with fun; jumping notes and rolling in a piano's rich tone. I never owned anything or looked ambition in the eye; I was fluid in my opinions; generous with my creativity. All the world was one song, with it's dissonance and harmony; one composition; parts of one whole; it's swoops and it's climbs. I was never part of the arrangement, but I played the field with my soul, sampled its subtleties and wrote my story in an open tune chord!

Words and photo by Trev Teasdel

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