Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The City by Night

The City by Night

The City by Night, Lockwood Ferry, the smooching smog on Lover's Lodge. Beer spill alley where crooks go straight, the bell shaped lights, the eloping bridge with it's drunken bride, towering blocks with eye-lashed windows, winking at the twinkling stars. 

The beat cop's banjo missing strings, scat singing fishing boats in monkey jumping coats, mellow thieves with make believe wallets, wanton ladies with pebble-dashed dreams, thugs with tugs that tow the line, the bent accountant that couldn't count, cocktail pubs too shy to open, the Theatre Royal where the audience acted, the scripts were lost, the plots escaped. 

The City by night, in love making lofts, midnight callers with hourglass medals, trumpets with trombone sounds, piano rolls and drum rolls and piccolo bass. A teapot carnival with whisky top-up , iphone payphones with cashback courtesans, sleeping shops with come alive dummies, flirting with drunks on crisp packet pavements the City by night, hold tight.....

Text by Trev Teasdel

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