Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hurricane Jane

Hurricane Jane

Jane, she came like a hurricane. She put on no airs or graces. "The World might end tomorrow", "Let's have fun" she'd say. All the fake Saints and media moguls tapped her phone, she fed them crumbs and led them on a false trail. You might not think it, in her outfit and swept back hair but Jane drank from a font of wisdom and loved all those who knew the real score. "Too many men flash their hedge funds" she laughed, as she scrambled their investments. Jane built her own world out of neurons hanging out in her brain and invited only the architects of love."You gotta do it" she said, moving out of the missionary position. Jane had had it with the block buster culture, she took out a cheap digital camera and filmed nature in the raw. "Get that air" she said, looking down on the moors and sea. Just then Lou Reed came by, hiking to Ravenscar with 14 Rock n Roll monks."Hey, I'm Jane" she waved."How sweet" said Lou, "How sweet....."

Text by Trev Teasdel

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