Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Life is a Lottery

Life is a Lottery

They will tell you life is a lottery, a commodity, a comedy, of errors, by design, slavery by stealth, homelessness 'neath wealth. 

You will slide around a cannister, down the lattice bannister of their vision. 

The world is a social construct, 
of girders and panels, 
designed to effect, 
designed to control 
by architects and planners 
in the social arena.

We are the archimage of a new era, a solar panel of raw energy; 
an integrity of interconnection, 
a refusal of fashion, 
an open-necked shirt of unlimited ideas, 
that springs from the earth, 
silencing the ventriloquists 
with a new photosynthesis. 

Bring your ideas, 
share your vision, 
board the transporter, 
join in the journey to discover 
new creative shores.
Text and photomontage by Trev Teasdel

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