Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Bottle of Notes

Bottle of Notes

We broke open the bottle of notes,
plastic water murmured inside 
Middlesbrough Mima Art gallery. 
The sky was painted by Picasso 
(in his Monet period) 
and Turgenev wrote the cheque 
for the Champaign 
and included 
the whole of Middlesbrough 
in his novel 
'A Nest of the Gentry'. 

The 'bottle of notes' was 
Quantitative Easing 
at its best 
with the poor inheriting the Earth 
from Victoria Mindfield 
who was dancing 
at the County Court 
in an austerity of underwear. 

Captain Cook, 
whose ship folded up into the bottle, 
was caught colonising Starbucks 
for Mcdonald's. 
As usual, 
nothing in the world made sense 
but everyone pretended that it did 
and carried on. 
Meanwhile at the masked ball....
Text and photomontage by Trev Teasdel

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