Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Margo and the FlexiClocks

Margo and the Flexiclocks - 

had no sense of time, she played in the quantum quicksand and juggled the sparkly photons as if a kid. Time was a concept like a Facebook page, which if you could see through to the source code would mean f..k all to most people. Clocks would run much faster whenever Margo was around while really wanting to spend more time with her and when she went, to wherever she went, time would just stand still. Margo had a flexiclock for every situation.

One day her boss called her in to talk about timekeeping but Margo hadn't kept any. Instead she showed him her collection of flexiclocks and the magic she could perform with them. He was particularly interested in the ' Time is money ' clock but it wasn't what he expected. Far from being a ' get rich quick ' clock where you could increase the speed to richness, he found himself flexiclocked back to the days of
the great Alphonso an alchemist who could transmute our limited understanding into an enchantment of golden enlightenment. " What the fuck !" bellowed Hugo (Margo's boss) " time is a tightrope without a safety net " but he had no idea what he was saying or even what kind of story he'd fallen into. Time didn't move but just stayed frozen like a lagging youtube. Luckily the author pulled him out of the
timeless treacle and suggested he settle down with a quaff of ale and watch this youtube. Things couldn't be more confusing....or could they...!

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