Wednesday, 26 October 2016



When Alison took off her party dress, I was like...! It was kinda fun, I didn't mind I try to be different. Somebody turned on the news that I did mind all that scrapyard junk spouting out of the mouth of a tie and suit! "You what!" "You expect me to believe that!! No way!". 

Alison was laid back and sighing some goon with a microphone voice it was cool but when the drinks waiter tripped over my honest intentions and covered me in French vintage, that was it I was ready party. "They divide and rule you" said some beard in a bomber jacket, to the news interviewer on the TV. " There's always some conflict that distracts us from the real issues, the real rip offs, the corporates and the banks... " he was cut off sharply and they talked about rabbits instead. Alison was now moaning loudly but everyone was too drunk to notice. 

I had to get her home after the party, the goon was no gentleman. "In the beginning was hypocrisy" sighed Samantha, clearing up the broken glasses and spills of wine she has some strange religion all of her own but somehow it all rang true. I quite fancied Samantha, she had a way about her that intrigued me but Alison was watching me like a Hawk. 

I guess the party would have gone on longer, but Elvis Costello walked in "What made you write that song about Alison?" Samantha called. Alison looked embarrassed. The goon had gone knew when he wasn't welcome. Elvis began to tell the tale reluctantly but broke into the song instead "It's its own story" he said....Alison winked.. I might have guessed…
Text by Trev Teasdel

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