Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New Poetry Daze

New Poetry Daze

Poetry is not what it seems. 
It refuses to wear a tie. 
It doesn't have a day, 
even when personified. 
It doesn't care for rhyme, 
prefers to remain stress-free 
and it's syllables are private. 

Poetry is not the military, 
it doesn't have to stand in line, 
salute preconceived ideas, 
march on the orders of General Opinion, 
be confined to the barracks of books. 

Poetry has a problem with meaning 
it can send out multiple messages 
with one cute metaphor, 
embrace paradox, 
be exploratory, 
and hesitate before fixed ideas. 

Poetry is your wild card, 
it thrives on its poverty 
to create a world out of nothing, 
it can challenge 'reality' 
with a flagon of Salvador Dali, 
it can laugh in the face of 'rules' 
and forge paths unknown to pens. 

Poetry is the primordial soup, 
formless, opaque, hydrogenous
with the promise of light; 
of stars 
and a the uniqueness 
of it's own universe. 

Poetry is ' Dark Matter ', 
continuing to confound 
the scientific mind, 
measurable by intuition 
and insight thinking. 

Poetry can be all things, 
and nothing 
and everything in between. 
There is nothing it can't do, 
nothing it can't be. 
You can mould your own version 
and train it as a pet, 
feed it and water it 
with your very own concepts, 
discipline it, 
walk it on a lead 
but poetry is a vapour 
refusing to be kettled, 
forming huge 
travelling clouds, 
giving life through it's rain. 

Don't mess with poetry 
it's not what it seems!

Trev Teasdel

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