Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Real to Reel

Real to Reel

I live in the reel to reel world, 
changing the script to suit a mood, 
acting out a feeling, 
defying logic 
while the 
Director’s on the couch! 

I speak with silence, 
and mix my double entendres' 
with my double vodkas. 

I’m a photomontage 
of a dual lifestyle, 
with crafted lines, 
daring ad-libs. 

I’m zoomed-in 
and zoomed-out 
and panned-in, 
across the 

I’m out on DVD, 
up for review, 
but defy my critics. 

I’m a quantum particle, 
at a quantum party.
My behaviour 
can’t be predicted. 

I’m a changing story 
with dramatic pauses,
an unwritten plot 
absorbed in subtext, 
and my world is 
reel to reel!

Tex and Photomontage by Trev Teasdel

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