Wednesday, 26 October 2016

And Yes, The World Will Change..

And Yes, The World Will Change..

The world will change when the people from the sun sit in Starbucks and melt the ice cream. The change will be in multiple currencies and based on a golden opportunity. There will be no leaders, it will happen spontaneously and there will
be intuitive understanding between all people. It won't be brought in by politics but by a magnetic change inside us all. The sum total of all we've learned will be scrambled and reassembled creatively. The superficial will be reconnected to its deep roots. The world will no longer chase its tail on its axis but fill the universe with its unentangled soul. The world will change when we are ready; when we cease fighting; when we are wised up and let go of anger, prejudice and preconceived ideas. When we are hungry for new ways; we are brave and exploratory; we can work together but
respect each other’s ways of doing things. When things are no longer made to hold back or exploit others. We can do this, in time, at some stage, with ease, when we are prepared, deep inside and worldwide and all of one mind. Then and then only will it change and it will be seen to be good from out of space and will hold.

Text by Trev Teasdel

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