Saturday, 22 October 2016

Stir Crazy and Sally Risqué

Stir Crazy walked out of an unpublished novel, sat in the bar with other disgruntled borderline characters and just stared at the wall. Sally Risqué came from behind the bar and slouched next to him."You look crazy" she said "I was in a bad sex novel - the author won an award ffs, how bad is that!". Sally 'laughed out loud' and sat in front of him, "You look ok though, what's your story?" "That's it" said Stir, "there was no story, just a bunch of wasted wank - I just got board and crept out!". 

Sally sat back down and he noticed her invisible bra "You know one day you got you're whole life mapped out in a book - it may be mundane but it's something and I didn't have much to say, but once you get free from its mediocrity, there's not even a plan.". 

Sally was stirred by his self deprecation and poured herself another beer. "You know", she said, "It's Sunday, why don't we just skip the plot and move directly towards the climax!"
 Stir, wasn't used to such short cuts and put another tune on the juke box..."Didn't we meet before" he quizzed "back in some pre-literary life?". Just then the singer stepped in with a crazy bunch of musicians. It sounded like he had something to say...

by The Poet Reprobate.

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