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MONEYFACT & HEATWAVE (Fiction that Flashes a bit) By Trev Teasdel

Moneyfact lived in a brown worn out wallet in Tango Town and slept on a Visa card in the orange light of a Tango Town night. There were a few of them in the wallet sharing food with straws. Tango Town was all that was left after the money world had melted down suddenly in the white heat of a vicious rumour.

Couples made love in the vaults where once gold was stored and talked about the coming of the golden age where gold was a metaphor for the 'Shining Example' that was beginning to emerge out of the desecration of the fiscal virus that had impregnated the human mind for so long.

Moneyfact thought of changing his name as his girlfriend dressed in a coat of light and ran her intuition through his rigid thought patterns. "Things could be different" thought Moneyfact as he trembled at her fingertip therapy. "It really could" he shouted, running around the wallet like a coin spinning on a bank tiller's counter. For the first time in his 'Ring-mastered life' (as he came to think of it) he saw that life was a blank page upon which he and the rest of Tango Town could write a manifesting poem that sang with the alliteration of cooperation, that encompassed the syllable counts of the towns varied talents.

The poems would need to be drafted, honed and worked on and chiselled until the vision shone like gold in the unison. Now that the 'melt down' had sent the bent virus of the way people used to think to the salty waves of its own liquidation, Tango Town was free to be truly creative and treat it's own negative thoughts about the future with intuition and inspiration, while taking caution and keeping prudence.

Moneyfact's girlfriend. Lightwave, tempered his heated male brow with her fingers as he unwound centuries of conditioning and gold-bullion thinking as they both took their part in the creation of the 'Shining Example'.

Lovemaking in the vault of gold involved stripping down to the pure intuitive self; the setting aside of all ego and the conjuring of elevation and radiance of conjoining wave-patterns. Moneyfact was learning this lost art, long subjugated to 'commodity sex' where you rang a till and kept the profit. All profits were shared for the cause of the 'Shining Example'.

Moneyfact was a 'realist' but with a rising intuitive Sat-Nav (revealed to him by Lightwave) that charted a course through the mudtracks of an unknown future. He was but one of them, a destiny poet helping to create a first draft new way of being.

Moneyfact lay on his Visa Card, snug in his wallet, meditating the credit-limit of what might be achievable in this first phase of the 'Shining Example', and as he dreamed, the reader saw Moneyfact's intuition grow stronger as the story made of words faded and the reader's own sequel began imaginating......

Feb 2010

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