Saturday, 22 October 2016


Bart Backwards was looking for some spooky action when his mate told him he wouldn't have stood a ghost of a chance with Maybellene Ford-Mustang, a belle of the 1950's hip hop scene. Bart had driven in the fog through the spider webbed ghost town of Quantumly En Tanglemere and witnessed the hairs on the back of his carburetter standing on edge. "What strange fuckabridge is this" exclaimed Bart, who claimed to have three penises at a party no one saw him attend! Maybellene Ford-Mustang was sitting on a wall, dreaming of Humpty Dumpty, when Bart Backwards pulled over in the fog. "Where am I " said Bart "Who knows, in a town where anything goes" said Maybellene, "and anyway, Humpty has stood me up again!" "Get in" said Bart, "I'm heading for Future-backwards, where my mate will tell me I would never stand a ghost of a chance with you" " Ok said Maybellene, it's better than waiting here and getting egg on my face!" The couple drove through the driving web of wild particles and wave forms through all manner of episodes and scenarios and eventually came into the town of Future-Backwards. "My mate is in the cafe, I would love you to meet him!" 
Maybellene smiled and combed her particles into some kind of recognisable form."I bet he's cute like you" said Maybellene. Bart looked over at the table where he and his mate were still chewing the fat and talking about the possibilities of dating or not dating Maybellene Ford-Mustang."What goes on" exclaimed a surprised Bart, "how can I be here and there at the same time". Nonetheless, the couple sat down at the table and talked as if nothing was weird. Bart congratulated himself on his recent entanglement to Maybellene Ford-Mustang and his mate, as if it wasn't strange, just timed-out of existence, voluntarily!
by Trev Teasdel
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