Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hotel Perfection

I walked into Hotel Perfection, saw my Quantum clone looking back at me."How do you do this stuff?" I said "I mean, me, I fumble my way through the dark, try not to take a wrong turning, but it's hard to be perfect without a map." He took me into the Multiverse Lounge, there were a lot of lookalikes in that room, all doing different stuff but looking similar. "Perfection takes time" He said " it's not achieved in a single lifetime, you have to work through stuff, and it's not easy - mistakes are for learning." I didn't feel any easier about it and poured myself some humility. He said "Sometimes we hurt people we don't mean to and we can't turn back the clock". He gave me a tour of this Learning Workshop he called the multiverse, but, it didn't help, I still felt out of place in Hotel Perfection!

By Trev Teasdel

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