Saturday, 22 October 2016

When I began to write the world

When I began to write the world - I had no plan, no plot and no idea of any direction - I just ploughed in, keen to let words tumble, fizz and fuse with the alchemy of word-play. I had no serious thought, no axe to grind, no sensation to reveal - a waterfall of word parachutes - that was all. Things came as they came, no game plan, no strategy, no hidden meaning, no esoterica - i let my fingers have fun running along the keys, the surprise sex of love-making images, the alliteration of chiming assonance, the personification of blank pixels. You took it all so seriously and asked for meaning - I gave you meanings and asked you to make up your own - you wouldn't listen and things got surreal. So here we are - still no plot - you took it all the wrong way - just relax, have some wine, have some fun - it's just a crazy composition - i just made up the world to get you going - it's no big deal - the world is just a story - we're all particles and waves, that's all... Sorry.

Text by Trev Teasdel

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