Saturday, 22 October 2016

The story of Me begins...

The story of Me begins in a beer-nest of honey dromes, the Outer-Hebrides of a Hornet's nest, a Monkey's uncle of a tall tale, a cut n paste of random episode. I was five lines in; a paragraph away from paradigm change, out of sequence but not out of imagination. I was born to the pendulum of pens, Open Office and Microsoft Word, running scared of a bearded grammarian. Life is tale told by a fool, a fiction of pixels, a fantasy of particles, dark matter with all the lights on! I fought for meaning on the tide of obscurity, expressed my repressed ego in the fossilised fog. I was hard to understand, easy to persuade and rebellious without a cause. I was hard pressed in the the Rock n Roll Free Press; faked the pentameters of a silent protagonist. I wove simple imagery into a Stock Exchange spreadsheet and profited from rouge investments. That's the story of Me, edited in secret, hypnotised by hyperbole, locked in incantation and wild in revelation! Well you did ask!

Trev Teasdel

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