Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A T. Rex, Trappist Trombonist!

I'm the son of a Sousaphone, for your love, a T Rex, Trappist Trombonist; I love the way you fiddle, come fiddly dee dee, octaves up the chromatic scale. Your slender bow across my strings; a slow burner on a hot stove. My razzmatazz, you're Cajun Jazz; you're the taxi, I'm the bus. Share your blues and I'll share mine, we'll paint the streets with burnished rhyme. I'm a Howling wolf on a rainy night, bass pizzicato on a rumbling street, Umbrella fella, Jack of the Bier Keller. Stretch your strings, bring your harmony, even out my beats. Love is the Jazz, love is nazz, lets improvise so neat!

Words by Trev Teasdel

Listen to it on the video

Inspired by this painting by Adrian Borda
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Romania,which can be seen here http://borda.deviantart.com/

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